So many changes happening, so few people to help us navigate them.

We recently polled 1000 professionals and found that 70% go to Google when they need to find answers to potentially big career related issues. So, we decided to create FutureFitCo Advisory.

This is a part of our business where we work with you beyond the programs - just us and you - to nail down your brand specifics, sharpen your online presence and help you create a resume or website that represents the value you bring to a business. We do this through upgrading your LinkedIn profile, upgrading your resume, creating a website and individual career advice on anything you need. Anything you can throw at the team including transitioning roles/negotiating a higher salary/creating a presentation/resigning the right way.


Here are the four tasks we want to help you with:

Your LinkedIn Profile


• Updated resume + profile copy: header, summary, structure, social, group

90min SKYPE structured session in getting to know you, your tone, reason for LinkedIn update, high level activity plan

• Profile review + industry people comparison 1-page report 

• 1 draft round + 1 final version completed in 2 weeks (each service completed within 2 weeks, additional rounds at additional cost)

• Recommended search term optimisation (key words, tags etc)

• Recommendations of people to follow 

with Profiling Pro, Ainsley Pope




• 60min Skype session

• Provide a template appropriate for your sector

• 2 draft rounds + 1 final version

with Ainsley Pope



with Jess Dyer, Driven by Design

• Briefing session with Jess

• Creation of branding and logo system

• Website creation

Career Advisory

with High Performance Expert, Sally Dwyer

• 90 minute individual structured Skype sessions to address your specific career obstacles and objectives

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Fully revised 2nd edition coming June 2021

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