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'To the Future Fit Co. crew, thank you so much for the wisdom you have shared on this course. And WOW, what a cohort. I was a little intimidated by the group, but it has absolutely been the safe space that was promised'


'Andrea not only 'talks the talk' brilliantly about the future of work, she and her team have managed to 'walk the walk' by seamlessly transitioning to virtual learning with Future Fit Digital. I recently completed the first two modules, 'Reputation Capital' and 'Communicate with Authority', and I was thoroughly impressed that content which, on the surface, feels like it should only work in a face-to-face environment, could have so much impact with virtual delivery. From choosing a great platform, to engaging learners with amazing guest speakers, this program works on so many levels. Clearly, much thought was given to the learning outcomes and how to best deliver them. Personally, I have never been so encouraged to focus on my skills, and my career, as I am after completing these modules. My determination to be Future Fit is strong!'


'I recently completed 'AustradeNEXT' - Women in Leadership Program with Andrea Clarke. I learnt how to become much more confident and to sharpen my communications skills and define my reputation capital. It was definitely a challenging and rewarding course. Andrea not only made herself available at all times, but also shared her knowledge and experience in order to contribute to this awesome program. I strongly recommend this course as it changed my life in many positive ways'


'The course didn't meet my expectations. It exceeded them. This was the best online learning environment I have ever experienced - both professionally and through personal studies'


I found the course very valuable. I don’t feel like I’m walking away overloaded with information - the course modules were concise but packed with great tips and many ‘aha’ moments. I liked that the course encourages you to be true to yourself'


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