Learn to excel, adapt and thrive through times of challenge in the workplace.


Headed up by CareerCEO's resilience expert Sally Dwyer, this powerful program is for all individuals who are keen to excel, adapt and thrive through times of challenge in the workplace.


In a rapidly changing environment, an awareness of the behaviours that help or hinder our performance is critical. This workshop supports individuals to identify their strengths, challenges and empowers them with strategies and techniques to build resilience.


Modules covered in this dynamic full-day workshop include: Introduction and Goals, Identifying Our Environments, Developing Mental agility and Rewiring the Neural Pathways, Understanding the Behaviours and Habits That Build Resilience, The Power of Mindfulness and Embracing Feedback.


CareerCEO Elevate is an immersive full-day workshop designed to equip you with the tools required to thrive amid challenge, change and adversity.

About the program






Learn how to identify environments (people & situations) that help or hinder your ability to progress.

Know how to cope in situations that cause you to become stressed or overwhelmed.

Understand the behaviours and habits required to build resilience for peak performance, professionally and personally

Learn how to harness the power of mindfulness and feedback

In collaboration with Clint Bizzell, design a resilience roadmap for the future and learn how to implement it.


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Fully revised 2nd edition coming June 2021

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