The future of work is about talent, not technology.

If we want to outrun the algorithm to stay secure in the future of work, we need to invest in our own talent in ways we may not have considered.

As artificial intelligence is adopted into the workplace and traditional employee arrangements transform, we’re negotiating a far looser, less structured work arena.

For organisations, it means re-imagining talent models and re-defining business practices for a digital age.

For employees, it means understanding that the responsibility for finding, securing and delivering work is shifting to the individual in ways we have not seen before.

While the fault-line is clear, so is the opportunity: those who take 'human skills' to the next level, will be powerfully differentiated in a dynamic new market. The future of work is as much about talent, as technology.

Available on iBooks or for Android owners - Booktopia

If you're more of an old school bookworm, the paperback version can be found in all good bookstores or via Major Street Publishing.

"In Future Fit, Andrea Clarke tells not just her story but she also tells a story of resilience, of skill acquisition and of how to deal with intimidating situations in the workforce. Here is a book of practical advice in how to navigate the future of work when you don’t quite know what the future holds."

- Bernard Salt AM. 

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Fully revised 2nd edition coming June 2021

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