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Who comprises the CareerCEO Community? We partnered with Australia’s leading demographer, Bernard Salt AM of The Demographics Group, to investigate. Here are his findings:

  • More than 100 responses show that this group is mostly female (94%), mostly close to their peak career (71% aged 35-49), mostly work full time (71%), and mostly live in Melbourne (47%), Sydney (33%) and Brisbane (16%);

  • Most are married or in a de facto relationship (74%);

  • The two most popular forms of social media for this group are LinkedIn (84%) and Facebook (81%);

  • Most people work in Financial Services (16%), Insurance (15%) and Entertainment (12%);

  • Most are happy if not thrilled with their career (66%) although some (20%) are unhappy;

  • Most work in management occupations (55%);

  • Most have thought about starting their own business (61%) and a large proportion (45%) plan on making this happen within the next five years;

  • A large proportion (70%) travel internationally and domestically a few times a year for pleasure;

  • When asked where they want assistance, most people said Speaking with Authority (68%) and Presenting with Ease (64%);

  • And finally, the majority in this group earn more than the entry level to the second highest tax bracket of $85k pa (86%) with a sizeable proportion (28%) in the top income bracket of $180+k pa;

Based on my analysis of the 2016 Census results there are 80,000 women aged 35-49 working in the finance and insurance sectors in Australia, with 30% earning more than $90k pa. On this basis the CareerCEO cohort is drawn from the uppermost third of mid-career women in finance, as benchmarked to the census.  Andrea Clarke has carved out quite a unique client base.

Bernard Salt AM, MD - The Demographics Group.

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