Communication is about Impact, Not Output

Need to sharpen up you presence at work? To communicate with impact and influence key stakeholders like never before? Here's 60 seconds of simple, powerful advice from CareerCEO Founder Andrea Clarke

Quite simply, communication is about impact, it is not about output. When we walk into a room at work, we're not there to simply talk out loud. We're there to influence, we're there to persuade, and we're there in most cases, to win.  Next time you walk into a room, think about these 3 things:

  1. Who is your AUDIENCE? What are you offering them - is your content new, original, or of value to them?

  2. Use SIMPLE, POWERFUL LANGUAGE. No jargon, no cliches.

  3. Use PAUSE. When you pause, you signal presence

Be bold enough to show us who you are, without apology!

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