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Reputation & Comms Capital 1.0

Realise your reputation capital in the marketplace and communicate with impact. 

Leading effectively in a new environment means recognising that Reputation Capital is a new measure of trust. Reputation is a measurement of how much a community trusts you - it's the sum total of both our online & offline behaviour. This module is about defining the value we bring to a business or community, identifying our differentiators and communicating that with impact. 


Presenting to the Board 2.0

Take your communication game to the next executive level.

Building on our Reputation & Comms Capital 1.0 program, this workshop offers an opportunity to take key learnings to the next level. A fast paced and demanding work environment requires us to read context and complexity at unparalleled speed, with responses that are clear and compelling. This is program explores handling Q&A curveballs, negotiating difficult conversations, managing nerves to present with ease, and creating a 3D network. Available as a one day facilitated workshop or managed digital learning experience.

Building Resilience 3.0

The 'High Performance You' Workshop 

Learn to excel, adapt and thrive through times of challenge in the workplace. The 'High Performance You' Workshop is an immersive full-day program designed to equip you with the tools required to thrive amid challenge, change and adversity. Headed up by expert Sally Dwyer, this workshop supports individuals to identify tactical ways to build resilience. Modules covered include: understanding the brain science of peak performance, how to get the most from you and your team, creating conditions for peak performance, rewiring our neural network & how to create habits that build resilience.

Accelerating Trust 4.0

Creating a high-trust environment lifts performance. 

The driving force behind high performing individuals and teams, trust can be considered as a foundation that enables people to work together, and within teams. Quite simple, trust is the difference between average and high performance cultures.  With workplace change and transformation, the higher our trust quotient, the better placed we are to navigate and excel through such changes. This CareerCEO program upskills participants on how to establish trust, and how to accelerate the trust others have in you. Available as a one day facilitated workshop or managed digital learning experience.

The Future

Fit Leader Program 5.0

The future of work needs a new breed of leader.

A new type of business environment demands a new set of skills. We all need to be able to adapt swiftly to change, keep teams engaged and delivering in a complex and demanding environment. In this CareerCEO program, we'll guide your teams through foundational #FutureFit topics such as establishing trust with remote teams, how to increase your adaptability, and the role of creativity in business. Participants will walk away equipped with tactical tools to deploy in the workplace immediately. Available as a three day facilitated workshop or an 8 week managed digital learning experience.


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