We're a digital education business developing future fit people at scale, by accelerating the skills needed to lead with impact: communication, trust, creativity, adaptability, networking, learning, identity & resilience. Our purpose is to help build capability in leaders to elevate the impact of their teams.

The research is clear, the ‘real skills’ are critical to exercising leadership, deploying authority, creating a shared understanding of a mission and mobilising people around us towards a shared purpose – particularly in an arena where transformation is the norm.


We believe that a new type of business environment requires a new breed of leader: an individual who is a catalyst for transformation, someone who can adapt swiftly to change & keep teams engaged and delivering in a complex and demanding environment.


We believe that being ‘Future Fit’ starts with eight foundational human skills. We also believe that modern ways of working, requires modern ways of learning, so we've partnered with Cahoot Learning. Its unique and effective learning model has been sharpened through partnerships with Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


This means real impact at scale by driving a sustained change in behaviour, before the program finishes.