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Learning in 3D.

We mobilise minds by delivering exceptional learning experiences.

We have believed for many years that modern ways of working, requires a modern way of learning. And now it has never been more obvious that the future of learning is about -

  • Designing & delivering exceptional content to maximise skills retention

  • Connecting colleagues from across the business to innovate, and

  • Measuring learner engagement in forensic detail


Engagement is a precondition for effective learning, yet many programs today are still developed traditionally, focusing on content overload with minimal input from the learner. With a background in television, learning and technology - we are demonstrating that shifting mindset at scale is entirely possible when you merge the above three elements. 

How we deliver

We develop capability through in-person programs, Masterclasses and a unique and effective online learning model used by major Australian government agencies and world class institutions including Stanford University. With this method, we drive meaningful change at scale by designing programs and activities that enable people to build relationships, reflect and apply the learning immediately, driving tangible change in the workforce. We run four week programs for cohorts of 50 and above, asking for 2 hours per week from each person. We change behaviour across the workforce by connecting colleagues and building both confidence and competence in key ‘real skills’ that are increasingly in demand. We achieve this using case studies, group discussions, team challenges and tactical exercises and hearing from experts across different industries. 


Proven capability lift with leaders across all sectors:

Artboard 8.png


Average completion rate

Artboard 9.png


 Average capability lift on new skills

Artboard 10.png



applying skills

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