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Programs & Masterclasses

We mobilise minds by delivering exceptional learning experiences.

The Fundamentals of Futures Thinking

This is a non-negotiable competency for any senior level professional leading themselves, and teams through change. We explore the role of 'unlearning,' how change happens, the drivers of change and where we can intervene to anticipate and influence the future.

*75min Masterclass: Superfutures: Owning your career journey


Adaptive Leadership

This is a program for mid-career professionals that will help shift mindset towards being an active player in transformation. Learners will emerge will a deeper understanding of leadership capabilities, a natural optimism about their role in change and a clear vision around the shared purpose of the team.

*75min Masterclass: Four Ways to Upgrade your AQ

Female Future Leaders

The objective of this program is to advance women in the workplace across all sectors. Since 2012, Andrea and her team have been running, or contributing largely to female leadership development in major government agencies & top ASX listed organisations, including Austrade, Orora, NBN, Bunnings, QBE, Carnival & Thales.


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